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    Protech Emerson Chisel Grind,


    Guys, I have one of these that I want to Mirror Polish like all of my other knives are, I own a Gen 3 with everything I need, I just have never done a chisel grind, any help I would greatly appreciate

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    A chisel grind is simply a single-sided knife, as though one side of the blade had been removed right through the center-line.  If you want to maintain a pristine look to the back side, try to avoid any coarse grits which might leave a really heavy burr, as you’ll have to remove it somehow – hopefully without leaving stone marks on the back side.  I haven’t yet tried it as a matter of practice, but some woodworkers remove their chisel burrs by wiping the edge with the end grain of a block of hardwood held vertically, relative to the edge.  No reason why that wouldn’t work here.

    Remember that the included angle of a chisel grind is only half that of a normal edge and can therefor be a bit fragile.  FWIW, most woodworking chisels are ground to angles between 25 and 30 degrees.  I’ve checked several scalpel blades with my microscope and they had included angles of 20-30 degrees.  I add this just to make a point that you don’t really need (or want) included angles of much less than 25 degrees.  I’d go for thirty unless I wanted to shave with it.

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    I found a little thing recently that might help out on this if you dont want to use wood. A felt block. The folks at sell what they call a rock hard felt block. Not sure how well it would work for the lower grit burrs, as I mostly use it starting at the 600 grit. So far it hasnt torn any chucks when it takes the burr off. I run the edge though it about 2 or 3 times. I have used it for a couple of chiself grinds, but to be honest, I did most of the work on those starting around the 800 grit as they were touch ups. It’s not the end all be all, but I have found that it is useful, espically when doing high polish edges. Hope this helps.

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