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Checking Sharpness

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    Michael Blakley
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    I heard about this method of checking the sharpness of a knife and wanted to run it past you guys with more experience and see what you think.

    I took a Sharpie Marker and held it at a 45 degree angle to the desktop.,  I then laid a knife on the market with the blade perpendicular to the desktop.  Then I gently drag the knife towards me, as if to cut the Sharpie.

    I was told, if the knife does not slip downward, but stays at the same height by the weight of the blade being the only downforce, then the knife is sharp.  If the knife snags at all, that will cause it to fall to the desktop.

    What do you think about the Sharpie test?



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    Clay recently demonstrated a version of that sharpness test with the sharpie on one of the “Wicked Edge Go” videos.  Seems to work as well as other quickie sharpness tests of that sort.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I think it works pretty good. But tried you try the hanging hair tests for a really sharp blade (  )?

    Molecule Polishing: my blog about sharpening with the Wicked Edge

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    Finally had some free time to continue the break in of new Diamond hones on my new Gen 3 Pro sharpener. My wife had some cheap (“Stainless Steel England”, stamped on the blade ) knives that she keeps in a drawer. Progression was 100-1500 Diamonds. I know the edge wont last, but they came out very sharp. Cant wait to see how much better they will get with more use. I love how the angle can be set with the angle cube now with just resting the Diamond hones on the knife, not having to have the slop of the old handles to deal with(way to go Clay!). Setup and switching out hones is much quicker.

    Link to slicing a grape



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