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Can’t use my new system

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    I just purchased the pro pack III. I was excited to assemble the unit and quickly ran into a problem. The base of the vise does not have the male end of the dove tail machined into the vise. This does not allow for the vice to seat properly into the base. The only point where the vice secures to the base is the 1 inch screw. Is this a bad bach or am I the only unlucky one? I’m a little sad I paid as much as I did and have a defective product.

    Has anyone seen this before?

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    BIll_NYE, it appears from your photos you have been provided the wrong vise model/version for the Pro Pack-3.  This one pictured, (WE3001) is the vise model/version intended to be used with the Gen 3 Pro model sharpener. The Gen 3 Pro vise is flat on the bottom because it doesn’t inset and interlock when mounted.  It just sits flat and screws down in place.  Oher then the flat base the vises are identical in their internal mechanics and functionality.

    The proper vise for your WE130 model included in the PP3, (the WE1301), is notched on the bottom to inset and interlock into the blue base mount of WE130 model shapener.

    I’m sure if you call or contact Wicked Edge customer service and they will rectify the situation and make it right for you.  I’m sorry for your disappointment  and inconvenience.  That sucks!  It appears the W.E. company needs to exercise better quality control with their inventory, parts stocking and order picking techniques.  Obviously there was a breakdown in the organization of the W.E. sharpener parts in their warehouse.  It’s an unneccessary and unfortunate inconvenience for both you and W.E.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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