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Cant cut a Post It….laying on wood

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    Tom Nikitas
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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Cant cut a Post It….. ???  Why?</p>
    A Puma pocket folder marked RC 15.  I’m thinking that may be the problem.  However, using a Lansky that was given to me.  I’ve had no probs with paper slicing, shaving, polishing with the previous 15 ea variety from cheap to half decent.  This won’t do any of the above after working through Med diamond, fine diamond, 1000 ultra fin stone then sapphire stone.

    The matching angles were 20° & 25°.

    I do have Mike’s recently posted WE for sale in process of living with me.  C’mon Mule!!!

    Izzit just too soft to get a nice edge.  I did take my time in front of the tube, taped blade, black marker, retired machinist skill set – but no joy.  I’m returning this tomorrow at church after picking it up today.  I’d sure like to know why my efforts were futile.  If it’s pure noobishness and I know I have a ton to learn, so be it – but the other decent results leave me wondering.

    I hope I can get an educated answer for tomorrow’s  delivery.  Thanks in advance guys – Tom out

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    As a Newbie, I can tell you it is non broken in stones and Newbie..

    You will need to sharpen at least 10-15 knives Before the stones are broken in.  Results will get better as you go.


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    Tom Nikitas
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    The L set was used before it was gifted as the owner moved up to a WE. I had sharpened 15 or so knives w it to the degree mentioned above.  Can not get a fine edge.  Anyone else want to take shot at this please?

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    I think you’re all misunderstanding the situation here. Tom does not have a Wicked Edge sharpener. He is using a Lansky.

    If you’re having trouble on a specific knife then I would make sure you formed a burr at the lowest grit. If you can’t get a burr then I would guess that the problem is that the knife has a bad heat treatment.

    Tom Nikitas
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    Re bad heat treat: having done this more than once at the shop furnace level, I’m wondering if 15 on the C scale is much, if any, “heat treatment”. I forget what dead soft is but it takes at least mid 30s to be considered “tough” and at least mid 40s for wear tough.

    I had a burr/wire edge…..  /:

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    Tom I believe the number 15RC is a model indicator rather then a hardness indicator, after looking at images of Puma Folding Knives I saw one was labeled 105RC and there is not a steel that hard.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    I think Marc is getting warm with model number. I found some evidence that suggests Puma has used the letter code “RC” and a number where the number is a year (when the knife was manufactured). So 15/RC or RC 15 might be found on a knife made in 2015. I don’t believe it suggests a Rockwell hardness as I don’t think the C scale goes as soft as 15. It may be suspect though that the knife has lost its hardness – perhaps previously sharpened on a belt or wheel and the heat tempered all the hardness of the edge apex.

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