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Can I Sharpen This Angle?

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    I have a Miyabi chef knife that I believe has a factory angle of 12.5 per side or total of 25*.  I am purchasing a Pro Pack 1.  Will I be able to sharpen this knife at that angle?


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    Not with the Pro Pack I.  The Pro Pack I has no micro-angle adjustment feature or capability.  With that particular model you will not have the angle control necessary to set the precise angles of your choosing.  If you want to be able to pick and choose the exact angles you want to apply to a knife edge, you will need either the WE120 vice models or the WE130 vice models, that is, another W.E. vice setup incorporating the micro-adjustment angle feature.

    As you questioned in your earlier post, the suggested or recommended upgrades kits would give you that ability to choose your specific angle.  But!!!, for a bevel angle as narrow as 12.5º per side you may probably also need to utilize the Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter, (LAA).  That also would need to be the model LAA that corresponds to the model vice you will be using it with.  Probably, all of the Wick Edge Sharpener models, will require the assistance of the Low Angle Adapter, LAA, to achieve that narrow a bevel angle to prevent the W.E. sharpening stone handles from contacting the vice or jaws when sharpening that Miyabi knife with those narrow bevel angles.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    Regarding the WE100 vise, which comes in the Pro Pack 1:

    If the knife is broad enough, you might get into the 13-15 dps range.  This is because the angle goes down as the edge goes up.  Adding a simple riser block between the blue base and the vise bottom would also lower the range of adjustment.  I believe that upgrades from WE100 to WE120 include such a riser block.

    Making a small degree change can usually be accomplished by raising or lowering the blade in the vise.  For instance, moving the depth key from the bottom set of holes to the top, might make that sort of change.

    If you have a digital AngleCube, you might consider this:  Some of us have flipped our angle bar to put the detent dimples on the back side.  This lets you make more variable settings.  If you do this, remove the original detent screws and replace them with 10-32 screws with flat ends, so they don’t damage the bar when you tighten them.

    If you don’t have an Anglecube, don’t expect to get angles as marked on the degree bar.  These markings are for an edge which is 5/8″ about the vise.

    If none of this works for you (I’m only offering an educated guess), Marc’s suggestion about the Low Angle Adapter is a good one.  It’s something you’d want regardless of any upgrades you might make.

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