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"Big Rig" Dual-Vise Multi-Carriage Modular Set-up

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    Here’s a concept project I’ve been working with for the last year or so.  It started out as a “why not?’ idea and I developed it and refined it into this well functioning and practical working model.  It was originally contrived as a method to answer some of my sharpening limitations of my WEPS models.  I mostly sharpen kitchen/chef’s knives.  Some are large and long.  These proved tedious to sharpen with my standard W.E. models.

    Many other WEPS users devised methods and adapters to help overcome these clamping limitations.  Some used RAM Mount Adapters.  Some use framing systems.  Others even utilized more then one vise.  I wanted the ease of using the Gen 3 vise system and the stability of multiple clamps.  I conceived of a parallel linear track maintaining the alignment for two vises so I could use them in tandem on my large and long knives.  I shared my ideas and concepts with sharpening peers and confidants and was given this base rail suggestion.

    Here is what came of this:


    I had this idea that I could use the guide rods from two vises in an overlapping fashion similar to automobile windshield wipers.  The idea has proven to work better than hoped for.  The sharpening scratch patterns are easily overlapped and blended.

    Each vise is a complete WE130 Portable bought new from W.E. and adapted to mount on rolling ball bearing blocks that glide along parallel linear rails.  The two WE130 Protables are 100% functioning as designed by W.E. and work independently but identical to one another.  The rolling blocks have positioning set-screws to lock them where I need them.  The two vises are aligned relative to one another, then secured on their independent carriages.  The vises I then roll into position to best accommodate the knife I’m sharpening.  The two vise guide rods are set with a zeroed position angle cube for them both.

    Instead of needing to sharpen long or large knives in portions while supporting the opposite side.  Then move and re-clamp the knives to overlap and blend the sharpening scratch patterns, I now do this in dual vises.  I utilize an XL AAG to log their clamped position for repeated sharpenings.  I also have a metal ruler on the set-up’s base to record and log the vise’s positions for re-clamping.


    I have found that the secure clamping afforded by the dual vises improves sharpening outcomes by eliminating knife flexing.  For knives that I had originally sharpened in the single vise set-up I now find I can more securely hold it in two vises.  I then have a choice to use the guide rod pair that better matches the knives sweet spot.  I have found this limits or almost eliminates the slight edge re-profiling often seen when knives are sharpened with the Wicked Edge for the first time.

    The rolling rails and the modular design allow me to use one vise alone.  Just like any other WE130 set-up.  I can roll on the second carriage and align it when I need two vises.  I have built a height adjustment capacity into one of the rolling vise carriage pairs.  This allows for accommodating the jaw heights for better clamping when knives need to be rotated with handles up or down to reach their “sweet spot” clamping positions.

    I incorporated a third rolling carriage that is vise-less.  This carriage has a square bar and functional guide rods adapted to achieve 0.00º guide rod angle settings to allow for thinning knives behind the edges or parallel refinishing of the knife sides.  If the knife edge is clamped horizontal as the vise-less carriage is rolled along under the blade the guide rod angle remains the same.  I am working on a W.E. paddle adapter with  forum member “airscapes” to hold the DMT Serrated knife sharpeners. I have included a photo illustrating this concept where it will address the issue of individually sharpening knife serration at the same repeated sharpening angle, one by one, as the carriage is rolled along under the knife.  I realize there are limitations where the rolling carriage impacts the clamping vises.  By re-arranging the vise positions and varying the knife’s clamping method I believe the serrations can be sharpened.


    You’ll notice I have integrated and utilized the W.E. mods, the new stone stops, made by “airscapes”.  These stone stops are very helpful when utilizing multiple guide rod setups to prevent knife and edge damage.

    I also have incorporated the Micro-Angle Adjustment Mods built for me by “Eddosedges – NotSharpEnuff”.  These adjusters are utilizing a design originally conceived and assembled by TCMeyer, some time ago, and shared with the forum, then.   Once you use these helpful adapters it’s hard to do without them.  Especially when your messing with the angles on two, four or six guide rods.


    Let me be clear that I build this set-up with full knowledge and understanding that any of my modifications and adaptations to the original W.E. design concepts may, could and/or will void their implied warranty.  I am fine with this and I want other Wicked Edge users attempting any modifications to their set-ups to be aware of this.   That they are undertaking it at their own risk!

    I have many more pictures I’ll be glad to post upon request.

    I am working on a newer similar set-up that will be easier to design and assemble.  I will share that when I can put it together.


    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    WOW! @MarcH, you sure know how to make this old dog drool! Absolutely mind blowing! Some day, when I’m retired and my better half will “allow” me some play time……aaahhh, it’s nice to dream! Great job, thank you for the pictures.

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    That’s next level stuff there Marc! Bravo!

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    The king of mods !!

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    Bill Kirkley
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    Nice job!  You might consider first clamping your blade in one vice, loosen the screws that mount the second vise, clamp the blade in the second vise and finally retighten the mounting screws of the second vise. If you don’t do this, if your vises aren’t perfectly aligned you may deflect the blade when you clamp it in the second vise.


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    I do it similarly to your suggestion with a carpenter’s square:

    Then I’m not reaching and working around a sharp knife edge while aligning and squaring the vises up.

    Thanks Bill!


    (MarcH's Rack-It)


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    That is insane! In a good way.

    Very nice

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