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Bevel Widens at the Tip

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    AK Jim
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    I know this must have been answered a 100 times but am having trouble finding it. Question why does the bevel widen at the tip?

    thanks for your patience.

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    In lieu of more info or photos it sounds like the blade is not clamped in the ‘sweet spot’. You probably need to move your blade back toward you in the vise. Try moving it back a little bit at a time and see if that works.

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    A bigger reason may be that the factories don’t want to taper the tip to match the primary grinds, as it would leave the tip subject to breakage.  The wider bevel doesn’t mean necessarily that the angle is more obtuse.  Trying to find a sweet spot that gives you a constant bevel width at the tip will drive you nuts, unless it’s a very thin blade.

    Look down on the spine at the tip and imagine how thin it would be at the same degree of taper as the sides of the blade.

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    Marc H
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    Here is one of several videos I produced discussing the matter. I Invite you to join my FaceBook book in order to view the material:

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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