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Best edge for the job??

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    Hi guys,

    Ive had the Wicked edge for a couple ofyear’s and love it.

    Thing is I can never really figure out what it the best edge to settle on.  I love sharpening them like a mirror finish and slashing phone book paper andshavings sharp with it etc, but these edges don’t seem to last long.

    My main purpose is to skin rabbits, pheasants and duck etc.   I have tried and really toothy finish also like a 400 grit finish.

    What in your opinion from you more experienced guys think is the best angle edge and finsh for my spyderco Endura 4 for my needs.

    I want a very sharp knife but I want it to last and not go blunt after a couple of rabbit’s etc.


    And advise guys



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    How did your 400 grit finish perform? I’m curious because I’m trying to find the ultimate finish for moose processing, I realize they are different critters but an all around skinner is what I’m after that will hold up to skinning 2 moose. on another board it was recommended that I try a micro-bevel, I think that is my next move, maybe 17 degrees polished with 20 degree micro bevel finished at 400 grit… keep me posted on what you figure out

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    A quick apology to Steve for us not responding to his question sooner.  When I first saw it posted, I thought that just about any edge would work well for small game, and I didn’t have a specific experience to share.

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