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Balsa strop progression

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    I’m a brand new user, just trying to learn the basics. When setting up my kit, I ended up with a diamond stone progression stopping at 1500 grit. I have the 6 micron lapping film, balsa strops with the 5/3.5 micron diamond paste, and leather strops with the 1/.5 diamond paste. The original intent was to work through them in that order, but I’ve since seen that the grit size is not all that matters, and this knowledge base article recommends balsa strops before lapping film.

    I ended up with this set based on local availability of accessories, but think now that the balsa may have been a mistake. Am I better off admitting the error and picking up a set of leather strops in the 4/3 micron range or is there a logical progression with the kit I have?

    Thanks for any advice you may have!

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    I think that the order you thought you’d use is the way I’d likely go.  I always prefer to finish any sharpening progression with strops.  The balsa strop doesn’t compress much so it’s more like a sharpening stone in rigidity but with the burnishing effect of strop compounds.

    I had a balsa strop set years ago.  I didn’t enjoy using them.  The balsa seemed to peel off in thin layers.  I prefer the feel and effect of the leather strops. I always finish a sharpening session with at least a 4µ/2µ strop progression on regular cow leather.  It makes a noticeable improvement in edge smoothness without removing the toothiness I like.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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