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At which angles do you sharpen your scissors?

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    There is a lot of information on knife sharpening angles, but I can not find much about scissors.


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    On the few pairs that I have sharpened (a grand total of 3) I have just matched the existing factory angles using the sharpie method. Unfortunately, I did not think to record the angles that they were sharpened at.

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    I’ve done about 12-15 pairs so far, and I’m pretty sure they’ve all been different.  Eight of them have been a batch from a single owner and it did strike me as being odd.  The differences were huge, like from about 55 degrees to a solid 90.  The owner is a doctor and her bandage cutting scissor was the 90 degree job.

    BTW, the scissor adapter won’t give you a 90 angle, as it requires that the ball joint be well into the vise base.   I had to adjust for the lowest possible angle – which of course I didn’t record.

    That does tell me that I ought to record the angles just for my own curiosity.

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    Google is your friend…

    I tried to Google “scissor sharpening angle”, and very little information turned up.

    However, gave some real information. I’ve taken the liberty of quoting the most relevant paragraphs here:

    Scissor angles are measured from square, which is called 0 degrees.
    • Some scissors, like children's safety scissors or pinking shears, will be ground square.
    • Paper cutting and older cast scissors will be ground at between 5 and 15 degrees, leaving an acute angle at the edge
    • In newer scissors this angle increases up to 25 - 35 degrees or so, but some scissors are deceptive.
    • The highest angle found in household scissors will be 40 or 45 degrees. 
      This is found on the finger blade of knife edge dressmaking shears, 
      although the thumb blade may be at a lower angle, usually 15 degrees.
    Always look carefully for the steepest cutting bevel and duplicate it. 
    Grinding the other way and leaving an obtuse edge, called a negative angle, is bad.
    You may see this on low quality scissors or after poor sharpening jobs. 
    Some general angles by usage
            Children's safety scissors                                   0
            Pinking shears                                               0 - 5
            Cast Iron paper scissors                                     5 - 15
            Bandage scissors                                            20
            Grass and hedge trimmers                                    25
            Embroidery, cuticle, nail scissors                          25 - 30
            Fabric, tailor and industrial shears 7" and longer          35 - 40
            Knife edge finger blade (thumb blade is 15 - 20 degrees)    45 - 50
    Various scissor and shear sharpening bevel angles.
            Clayton 7"                           10 
            Wiss thread nippers                  10 
            Gingher thread snips                 15 
            Italian pinking shears               15
            Old Wiss pinking shears              15
            Kleencut                             20         
            Fiskars dressmaker                   30         
            Gingher snips resharpened            35
            Delica 3 1/2" blade desk scissors    40         
            Gingher "Knife Edge" dressmaker      15-45         
            Wiss dressmaker                      25-30         
            Wusthof kitchen shears               25-35         
            DaVinci 2 1/2" blade                 30-45         
            Japanese kitchen shears              35-40         
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