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Another Pennsyltucky Knife Nut!

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    Good morning folks! I purchased a WE GO shortly after Christmas this year with some holiday funds and quickly added the 800/1000 stones and 3/5 micron strops. I’ve had a pretty good time learning the system and have been getting better at maintaining a consistent edge height per side based largely upon a lot of reading that I’ve found here – thanks for the knowledge contributed by others!

    Just joining up to contribute and ask questions when/if they come to me. Have a great one folks!

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    Welcome Clayton!


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    Welcome aboard Clayton!

    Pennsyltucky?  Is that like Michiana?  I’m a Cheesehead, and I’ve never heard anyone saying they’re from Wisconois, but maybe that’s because of the Packer/Bear thingy. 😉

    A little later, I looked at a map and there’s no contiguous border between PA and KY.  So maybe it’s a “by marriage” kind of thing?


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    I googled it..

    Pennsyltucky is a slang portmanteau of the state names Pennsylvania and Kentucky. It is used to characterize—usually humorously, but sometimes deprecatingly—the rural part of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania outside the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, (Including Harrisburg–Carlisle metropolitan statistical area) more specifically applied to the local people and culture of its mountainous central Appalachian region. The term is used more generally to refer to the Appalachian region, particularly its central core, which runs from Pennsylvania to Kentucky, and its people.

    Welcome Clayton!  Where abouts you from?


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