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Another Newbie to WE sharpening

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    Got the Propack II for X-mas and hopefully it arrives in the coming week. I’m looking forward to breaking in the stones and hopefully starting to get a feel for the system. I asked the relatively small community where I live for old knives to start out on and got 7 knives funny enough 3 of them were globals I could keep (They’ll wait until I think I’m proficient enough). So right now I’m trying to get some more second hand.

    I would have liked the Gen3 wise but couldn’t afford the pro pack III so I have to live with the the problem of the wise pushing the blade to the left. I’m hoping duct tape or similar can correct this. But any suggestions will be appreciated.

    I’ll probably end up with an upgrade in the future when I have enough funds but right now it seems to me that the most important things is to get @airscapes stops and @notsharpenogh micro adjustment screws. Other suggestions will be appreciated  eventhough I sometimes have a hard time getting stuff from US to Denmark, Europe.

    I’m planning on converting an old Lansky clamp until I can afford low angle adapter for the folders I sharpen. I think this might move the center of the knife a bit to the left but hope i can correct this with the anglecube ?

    I’ve been sharpening folders, kitchen-, outdoor- and hunting knives on my old Lansky system but have gotten tired of the amount of time i have to use on each knife because I’m never able to place the clamp the exact same place again on the knife. There’s also a problem with longer knives where it’s impossible not to overlap the strokes when you move the clamp further out on the blade.

    In the last couple of years knife sharpening has become therapeutic for me and a way to cope with the stress that comes with my job. As this is turning into a hobby I can see where my future funds will end……


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    Welcome to the W.E. Forum HMAK.  It reads like you’ve done your home work and you’re on your way with a good plan.

    (MarcH's Rack-It)

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    Welcome to the forum! I’m new to the WE also. Great folks on here always willing to help.

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