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2017 Gen3 Vice Jaw Pins

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    I have been struggling with getting the vice jaw pins in and out since receiving the new 2017 Gen3.  I was literally having to knock them in and out with a punch and small hammer/screwdriver handle/etc..  I tried to contact WE to discuss with no success 🙁

    I decided to attempt to solve my problem myself.  First, I took a dremel, turned down a felt pad and cleaned out the vice holes. This made very little if any difference. Next, I put the pins in a drill and used diamond lapping film, 6/3/1 micron, to 1. lessen the OD of the pins and 2. polish the surface to reduce friction.

    Hallelujah, problem solved!!  I can now push the pins in and out with my finger, small allen wrench as a punch to get them started.  They are still snug with no play but easy to install and remove.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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    Thanks for the info on your method. I haven’t had this problem, but I have an old WE, comparable to the Pro pack II. But I am expecting a new 2017 Gen 3 🙂 .

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    Jack Wyatt
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    Why are you having to remove the vice jaw pins?

    I don’t have a 2017 Gen 3 vise, but considering one so I’m curious.

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    I have not encountered this problem on either the pre-2017 or 2017 generation 3 clamps that I own. I think it comes down to luck of the draw on this issue. The manufacturing tolerances obviously allow for some variation on the exact diameter of the pins and if you get a slightly thicker set they will be a bit more difficult to remove. It sounds like you were able to resolve the issue fairly easily.

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    Even if the pins require a little persuasion to knock them out, it’s not a real issue,  it just a little inconvenience.

    (MarcH's Rack-Its)

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    MarcH, I agree that this is not a deal breaker issue.  I only became aware of it due to the fact that my jaws were sticking closed which required disassembly.  This was one of the issues I found upon taking everything apart…

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