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2016 WE300 Pro using Blue painters tape to keep cam clean

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    if i understand you correctly ( seems we speak in different tongues sometimes 😜)

    that you also think he has a 100 vice from his pic and not a 130.  and that he would need to start with a 130 to use my vice.

    no big deal if i cant understand what you are alluding to.  Im sure Kyle will be able to tell.   my other thought is since he bought a used propack the previous owner could have cobbled some parts together before he sold it like it originally came with a 130 and seller might have swapped it out for a 100.  from what i can see in his pics that shorter angle bar comes with the 100.

    also some people are really set in their ways especially perfectionists like those who would buy a WE system in the first place.  i know he paid extra for his case and he probably picked out the foam for each and every accessorie’s new little home. he flips over his system now in the case. if he has to lay my vice on its side in the case upsetting his little foam hole community this might be way too much for his OCD 😱

    btw: i like your racks (and I cant say this to my secretary anymore) only to you!  but they are a great idea as to why you sell them as lowering cross contamination.  if you dont put each stone back in its same little foam hole you risk grit contamination. that foam sluffs off all the lose diamonds too. no way I could ever achieve a scratchless mirror finish when the finer stones are picking up coarser grits. im using the bags each comes with now but the will rip soon and just the process of taking  them in and out with every stone switch adds unnecessary time in an already time consuming process.

    i know you dont make much off them, but they are a great way for us handle storage and a nice service to the WE community.  Im going to count up what i need and order one.  thx

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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