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This thread may be of interest to some newer folks so posting this to bump it to the top of Recent Threads.

There has been a few threads lately where users are looking to reduce the time to re-profile badly damaged knives and or change a bevel angle considerably.  This too bothered me so I build  this custom  variable speed harbor freight 1×30″ belt sander, and I am using it for all sorts of things including a horizontal sander (see attached), wire wheel and any other tool I can jam in a chuck. It also makes remove a lot of damaged metal fast and safe (variable speed) at the exact angle you want the bevel (using the guild and an angle cube)   If you are DIY guy, this is a great project to make, and will be used for a lifetime sharpening and sanding only taking up 15×15″ of bench top and is portable.  Thanks Redheads for suggesting I do this, is my most favorite utility tool  yet!  Or you can buy a variable speed sander already built, this was just too much fun and cost is under $100.  Anyway, head back to page 1 and take a look.



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