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Shun knives

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      cjb80202; from a man admittedly with more money than brains and with no built-in stop check, (i.e., wife)…

      So that explains how you’re able to get away with all of your knife and sharpening related purchases.



        Well if you saw my post about my $5 knife purchase, you’ll know that I’m now planning to start talking to my wife about the ‘average’ cost of knives I buy. The more cheap knives I buy, the more expensive ones I can buy!

        For the caveat emptor about online shopping, I do hear you. I’m pretty fearless about buying on amazon, ebay, you name it. But only if I can find evidence that the seller is credible.

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          The knife you referenced is sold by a lot of big on-line retailers like Bed-Bath and Beyond, Amazon and Chef’  I believe it’s a mass manufactured knife and branded for different retailers.  It’s probably a fairly decent VG-10 Santoku, looks to be, a little overpriced, for what it is, but I couldn’t really see who made it and where.  I like knives like Mark76 writes about, a knife who has a known forger, artisan or factory.  I buy mostly Japanese for the “bang-for-your-buck”, factor.

          This is still one of two of may favorite VG-10 Santoku’s I own. It’s a beautiful knife, easy to sharpen and keep sharp. It’s pretty durable and very thin profiled and light weight.  I still maintain that VG-10 is probably my favorite all around stainless steel for price, durability ease of sharpening without difficulty.  I like the mystique of the Japanese Super Steels but they’re just a pain to sharpen.


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        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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